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Article 17 of MLI – Corresponding Adjustments

What is the corresponding adjustment? When the contracting jurisdiction carries out the adjustment in the price between the associated enterprises, it may lead to economic double taxation. The enterprise in a Contracting jurisdiction whose profits are revised upwards will be liable to tax on profit already taxed in the hands of its associated enterprise in…

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Article 14 of MLI | Splitting up of Contracts

Splitting up of contracts is a strategy used for artificial avoidance of Permanent Establishment. Action 7 report notes that as a common strategy for avoiding PE through abuse of Article 5(3) of the OECD Model Tax Convention. Article 14 of the MLI provides to curb this abuse explicitly. Article 14(1) of MLI – Splitting up…

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Article 12 of MLI | Avoidance of PE through Commissionnarie Arrangements

A country has a right to tax the income of its residents and the income of PE of non-resident MNEs. However, through a web of tax planning and corporate structures, many large corporates have artificially avoided the establishment of PE through Commissionnarie Arrangements (covered in Article 12 of MLI) and similar strategies. An OECD study…

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A tax professional for more than a decade, taxation is my day to day activity. When I started learning international taxation, it was challenging to find suitable material or easy tutorials. It made me wonder about people like me who need a quick review or clarification on the law. To fill this gap, I created Taxbeech.

Taxbeech is a simple website where everything is about International Taxation!!! We have audios, videos, articles, and a quick revision quiz built with the sole purpose of making International Taxation an easy and exciting subject.

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